A little more about me.

Hi, Im Dee.

I’m a copywriter, content writer, digital marketor, and web designer based on the Gold Coast. In equal parts, I fuse together the written word, creative visuals together with my technical skills to produce persuasive content.

I’ve spent decades working with big banks, corporates, small businesses, start-ups and an array of creative agencies.

Many picture me as a busy person typing away at my laptops all day. Or maybe envision a creative individual waiting for the next spellbinding string of words to fall into my lap.

But being a copywriter is so much more than just that. I am a marketer, a CEO, a customer services representative and an artist. My job is to step into your audience’s shoes and know what they’re looking for online. I will find out their dreams and fears, so you know what it’ll take to get them hooked on your product or service. I will embody your brand’s voice and tone, writing to cultivate a lasting relationship with customers.

I have diverse skills. Of course, creativity and communication skills are a must. But I also have top-notch research and editing skills. Plus, I need to know how to ideate content, pitch ideas, optimize posts for SEO and create graphics and content strategies to create winning content and copy.

Copywriting Services

Website Copywriting

It's crowded online with so many websites vying for attention. Stand out with great web copy and turn visitors into paying customers.

SEO Copywriting

Get ready to climb the search engine ranks and leave your competitors in the dust with our killer SEO copywriting skills. Because let's be real, nobody wants to be stuck on page 2 of Google.

BLOG Copywriting

Don't just write a post, create an experience - I will craft engaging, share-worthy blog content that will boost customers through your digital doors.

Ecommerce Copywriting

You know your product is the best thing since smashed avo on toast?  But do your customers?  Let's make sure your customers know it too! Transform your product marketing with persuasive copy that will boost your sales.

Social Media Content

Let me help you make your social media shine with engaging and creative content that will make your followers stop scrolling and start paying attention.

Sales Emails

We're bombarded with sales messages everyday. Only a few stand out. Rise above the noise with email marketing content that truly connects with your audience.

Who I have worked with

Just a small sample

Boost Your Business in 3 Simple Steps...



Email, call or fill out a form, and I'll have a quote to you within 24 hours. Once approved, we’ll delve into the details and build a complete copy brief.


Sit back and relax.  Ive got this. I'll work my copywriting magic and produce a first draft of word wizardry. 



With as many rounds of revisions until you as ecstatic, I’ll tweak and polish based on your feedback until we’ve hit the copy sweet-spot.

Questions are the root of all answers.

Dont be shy.. let’s chat!

Sometimes I write about writing

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